Branford High School English Department

Welcome to the Branford High School English Department's resource page. On these pages, you will find information about the school's English department, including curriculum, teaching materials, and other resources.


Level/courses taught

Christian "Bing" Miller
English 10, English 11 Honors, Public Speaking
Maria Ogren
AP English, Film Study, Read-on
Sue Butler
Professor emeritus
Karen Greco
English 12 Honors, World Literature
Roy Ogren
Professor emeritus
Chuck Reale
Maura Sullivan
Wendy Nylen
English 9, English 10
Colleen Lepre
Civilization & Literature, English 9, American Literature,
Scott Valentine
English 10, World Literature,
Gina Lucibello instructional coach
English 10
Mindy Baker blog
Honorary member
John Matthiessen blog
English 10, American Literature, Expository and Creative Writing
Cynthia Brooks
Professor emeritus
Jen Ryan
English 9, Boundless Theater
Karen Izzo
English 10, English 9
Sara Robertson
American Literature, English 9
Harriet Mahoney
Professor emeritus

Summer Reading

For information on summer reading, go to the summer reading page here

Essential questions

The department is in the process of developing discipline-specific and grade-level essential questions based on the state curriculum standards. Click here for the essential questions.

Program of Studies

English course sequence

In 9th grade, students have two options:
  • Enroll in Civilzations & Literature, a two-credit interdisciplinary course that combines the required courses of English 9 the Civilizations, a Social Studies course
  • Enroll separately in English 9 and Civilizations
For more information on this decision, the English and Social Studies departments have put together a brief, informational slideshow.

In 10th grade, all students enroll in English 10. However, students can opt to pursue an honors option within the course, which requires they complete several extended learning opportunities.
In 11th grade, students have two options, both of which are year-long, one-credit courses:
  • Enroll in English 11 Honors
  • Enroll in Contemporary American Literature
In 12th grade, students have several options, each of which satisfies the requirements for graduation:
  • Enroll in AP English
  • Enroll in English 12 Honors
  • Enroll in the year-long, one-credit course World Literature
  • Enroll in the semester-long, half-credit course World Literature and take an English elective


List of 20 Common Errors and resource page
English 10 Honors option
List of texts available

Graduation Requirements

Read actively and critically for a variety of purposes
Write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences